BILTONG and JERKY, a side by side view

When we introduce our products here in Hong Kong, the first reference point is always, “like Beef Jerky”. BILTONG is “like” beef Jerky, but NOT beef Jerky.


Both Biltong and Jerky are dried meat products and that is where the similarity ends.



Jerky – mostly use lean cuts of meat

Biltong – more versatile in the choice of cut that can be used, form lean to fatty, which can give it a wide range of flavours and textures.


Jerky – normally cut in thin slices that is then spiced and marinated and

Biltong – is cut into slabs that can be about 20mm.


Jerky - dried at a temperature of about 70 degree Celsius for about 12 hours

Biltong - dried at close to room temperature for anything between 5-14 days, depending on how moist or dry you prefer your biltong to be. This is great when someone prefers their biltong, “wet”, “moist” or “dry”.


Jerky – relies a lot on the marinade and spices to create the flavour and taste.

Biltong – only a quick vinegar dip and minimal spicing is used to make traditional biltong, which ensures that all the tastes and flavours are that of the meat cut that is used.

When dried

Jerky – can be enjoyed as is

Biltong – when buying a slab, the biltong can be sliced into any thickness, depending on your preference.