We are thrilled to announce a new chapter for Aitch's Biltong as we partner with Lekker Laa to bring our premium frozen products to an even wider audience. This collaboration means that all our delicious frozen offerings will now be available through Lekker Laa, a seller of top-quality products in Hong Kong.

Who is Lekker Laa?

Lekker Laa is your one-stop shop for all things Meat and South African snacks in Hong Kong. From chicken to seafood, cheese to beef, they offer a wide range of premium products that bring the authentic tastes of South Africa to your doorstep. The name “Lekker Laa” itself is a blend of cultures: “Lekker” is an Afrikaans word that means "nice" or "good," while "Laa" is a playful nod to the filler word often used in casual conversations in Hong Kong.

Why Lekker Laa?

We believe that Lekker Laa's commitment to quality and their passion for South African cuisine make them the perfect partner for Aitch's Biltong. Their extensive selection of Meats and South African products and their dedication to customer satisfaction align perfectly with our values. By transferring our frozen products to Lekker Laa, we are ensuring that you have access to the finest meats and snacks, conveniently available in one place.

What Does This Mean for You?

Starting soon, you can find all of your favourite frozen products at Lekker Laa. Don't worry! We will continue selling our delicious biltong and boerewors in our website. This partnership not only makes it easier for you to enjoy our premium products but also gives you the opportunity to explore an even wider range of products.

Visit Lekker Laa Today!

We invite you to visit Lekker Laa's website and explore their incredible range of products. 

We are excited about this new journey and can't wait for you to experience the delicious offerings at Lekker Laa.


Happy shopping and happy eating!